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What is the Grace Period for a domain?

Most domains offer a Grace Period when a domain expires. This is the period during which the current owner of the domain is able to renew the domain at the current renewal price. 

Each registry offers an individual Grace period for their domains. So, for example if you register a domain on 01 January 2000, the lifecycle of your domain might look like this:

  • Domain registered: 01 January 2000;
  • Domain expires: 01 January 2001;
  • Grace period: 31 January 2001 (assuming 30 days grace period);
  • Redemption period: 02 March 2001 (assuming 30 days redemption period);
  • Domain deletion: 07 March 2001.

It is important that any domains you want to renew are renewed before expiry of the domain registration. The Grace period should not be relied upon to renew expired domains and the new expiry date will be an anniversary of the previous expiry date.

The Redemption period is a period offered by some domains as a final opportunity for an owner to renew a domain. It requires a considerable amount of additional work and is far more expensive to expedite than a standard renewal, our fees are therefore higher for redemptions. Not all registries offer a Redemption period.

Once the Redemption period (if available) has ended, the domain will be posted for deletion within the next five days. At this point the domain will be available on the open market and may be registered on a first-come-first-served basis.